Shahzadi Devje: Leaving Judgements Behind Makes Us More Mindful Eaters | Huffington Post

Shahzadi Devje: Leaving Judgements Behind Makes Us More Mindful Eaters | Huffington PostMeet IzaanAli, my three-year-old. He loves his food and you can see just how much!

Healthy toddlers are naturally mindful eaters. They are aware when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full. They engage with their food and savor every bite!
But that is not the case for the majority of us…

How many of us find ourselves sitting in front of the television or computer whilst eating our meal? Before we even know it, we’ve completely finished. Do you remember what your last meal tasted like? Some of us may not even recall eating it.

Sound familiar?

I reckon many of us have experienced this lack of awareness or memory lapse at some point. With long days at work, busy lives, and food available everywhere we turn, eating is often done mindlessly.

The result?

We eat more! Mindless eating can lead to weight issues, ill-health, and an unhealthy relationship with our body and food. Such absent-minded eating habits prevent our brains from capturing the memory of what we ate. We continue to eat more throughout the day in search for the satisfaction-factor.

What’s the solution?

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Shahzadi DevjeShahzadi believes that healthy living is a way of life. Over the years, she has received extensive experience in coaching and health promotion in diverse settings in Canada and the UK. Her experience encompasses both the private and public sectors, as she has worked with communities and public health programs while also improving health and wellness in corporate settings. Shahzadi has applied her strong coaching skills, along with her commitment to evidence-based medicine, to support patients and organizations as they strive to achieve their goals.

Shahzadi’s commitment to motivational coaching and a client-focused approach earned her a faculty member position for the Institute of Health Communication for the Central West Local Health Integration Network. She also served as a peer leader for both the Stanford Chronic Disease Self-Management Program and the Diabetes Self-Management Program.

Raised in England with roots in Chitral and Hyderabad, Pakistan, Shahzadi now lives in Toronto, Canada, with her husband and three young children.

Shahzadi is also in private practice where she offers digital health coaching to her clients. Known as Desi-licious RD, Shahzadi blogs for the Huffington Post and on her own site at, where she shares her love of cooking and encourages all of her readers to join her on a path where they can thrive to health and happiness.

Source: Leaving Judgements Behind Makes Us More Mindful Eaters


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