Shahzadi Devje (@DesiliciousRD): Raw Dried Fruit And Nut Laddu Recipe

Looking for a quick sweet delight for Khushali? Skip the deep frying and make this easy and healthy raw dried fruit and nut Laddu recipe – with zero added sugar. Soft and chewy dried figs blitzed with crunchy pistachios and almonds combined with cashew butter, beet powder, and infused with cardamom and rose water to create an irresistible sweet dessert you can enjoy more often.

Laddus are a quintessential Desi (South Asian) sweets. Sometimes you’ll find savoury ones too. While both are delectable, sweet laddus are the most popular. Enjoyed at celebrations, festivals and family gatherings, you can expect to find a colourful display of different kinds of laddu recipes. Some are made with chickpea flour, coconut, semolina, nuts, oats, amaranth and dried fruit.

Image credit: Desi~licious RD, Shahzadi Devje

Click to read more and get the recipe with video: Raw Dried Fruit And Nut Laddu

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