Sandy Kurt: An artist specializing in Islamic geometric patterns

“I’m an artist, self-taught designer, and educator. I was born and raised in Europe with nothing more than some pencils, my laptop, and passion.

Sandy Kurt

Art by Sandy Kurt
Art by Sandy Kurt

When I was younger, I used to draw hands and people’s faces, but as a self-taught, I didn’t have the adequate skills for that. My drawings looked okay, but there was something that didn’t satisfy me, so I started drawing mandalas which was fun, but freehand drawing was still a bit frustrating. 

My passion for complex geometry began in 2016 with an online course, an old compass, and some cheap watercolours. In 2018, I decided to attend the Art of Islamic Pattern course in Fez, and in 2019 I attended the Islamic geometry summer school in Alqueria des Rosales, Spain.

So why do I say that I’m a self-taught?
Let me get this straight: no one teaches complex Islamic geometry. Although I learned a TON during those courses no one was teaching what I love the most: complex Islamic geometric patterns.  So I rolled-up my sleeves and studied a lot. I love to scroll down my Instagram page and look how far I’ve come.” 

More about Sandy Kurt and her designs at

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