Online Event: Khalil Andani speaking on Ismaili Eschatology on Intra-Muslim Panel at Simon Fraser University

With the perfect storm of climate change, the pandemic and global conflict happening concurrently, many scholars of Islam believe that we are now living squarely in the end times. For some, the end times in Islamic eschatology is a harbinger of hope bringing with it prophecies in the Holy Quran for a more peaceful world and the coming unity of the Muslim “ummah.” For others the end times portend a bleak world of violence and conflict between those who believe and those who disbelieve. Embedded within prophecies of the end days are the key figures of the “Messiah” and the “Imam Mahdi.”

Thursday May 25 afternoon, Dr. Khalil Andani will be in a panel of Muslim scholars discussing about Shi’i Ismaili Eschatology: The Esoteric End-Times in which he will share Ismaili philosophical understandings of Qiyama and the Qa’im/Mahdi expectations in the context of the continuous Ismaili Imamat and its work in present day.

Event starts at 2:30pm CST 

Organized by Simon Fraser University Institute for Comparative Muslim Studies 

Featuring Sunni, Twelver Shi’i, Shi’i Ismaili, and Ahmadiyya perspectives.

Registration for the Zoom session is free at the link below:

Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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