Ginan: Ham Dil Khālaq Yā Alī Tu(n)hī Ja Vase – O’ Lord, in my heart only you dwell

By Ali Jan Damani.


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Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

2 thoughts

  1. The Ginan: Ham dil khalaq, In your introduction u say, “This isv an UNPUBLISHED Ginan” I beg to differ, as this is included in so many books of our Ginans , published in the past by India & Pakistan Ismailia Assns.The forebearers of Todays ITREBS.


    RAI NOOR AMLANI(Hon. Alwaez


    1. Thank You for your concern. I feel good when people question my articles. However, it is good if you give some more information about you and your works in Ismaili Studies. Coming back to point, this ginan is published in Rag Mala. It is also published in 72 Ginans and many other books. Yet, it is unpublished. There are two reasons behing it.

      The text which has been published is a very modern form. It involves usage of modern terminologies. I have mentioned one example in the article. Another is that the words Jem and Tem have been replaced by Jin and Tiyn. So, this shows modification.

      Secondly, none of the publication mentions the source for the text. Adding to this, this ginan is not available in the six volumes of Mukhi Lalji Devraj. The six volumes are most reliable. They are authentic than any other publication. The also lack proper edition of the ginans, however.

      I hope I made my point clear. You can add on this if you have something more to share.

      With Regards
      ALI JAN

      Independent Scholar
      Karachi, Pakistan


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