Taufiq Karmali Releases the First Ginan of Ilm-E-Maarifat on GinanGuru

After a humbling experience with Ilm-e-Noor and Ilm-e-Haqiqat, I present with love and gratitude to all my brothers and sisters, my next Ginan album, Ilm-e-Maarifat, consisting of ten Ginans and Qasidas. I hope you will be inspired through the journey of our wonderful tradition of Ginans.Taufiq Karmali

Taufiq Karmali’s new Ginan album, Ilm-E-Maarifat, will be released on GinanGuru’s Youtube Channel over the coming months, one Ginan at a time. The album will feature Ismailis from around the world who will accompany Taufiq Karmali in the recitations.

The first Ginan, Satgur Su(n) Prit Bandhaere which is composed by Pīr Hasan Kabīrdīn features Shama Judah and is now available to enjoy.

Video source: GinanGuru (YouTube)

Visit https://taufiqkarmali.com/ to listen to Taufiq’s previous Geet and Ginan albums.

Ginanguru started off as an Instagram account with the mission of making Ginan translations more accessible to the youth and younger generations of our Jamat. The account posts daily translations of hand-picked Ginan parts for easy-to-consume and bite-sized content.

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