Honoring Zawahir Moir: Catalogue of 114 Khojki Manuscripts in Searchable Form by Ali Jan Damani

Zawahir Noorally (now, Zawahir Moir) prepared a catalogue of 114 Khojki manuscripts in 1971. The manuscripts catalogued by her were then under the custody of the Ismailia Association for Pakistan (now; ITREB, Pakistan). Unfortunately, the catalogue remained in the scanned form with some scholars and no efforts were made to re-type and arrange the catalogue in searchable form. Hence, this is the pioneer effort by Ali Jan Damani to re-type the catalogue in searchable form. Mistakes, errors and inconsistencies of all types are maintained as they appear in the original catalogue.

This work was undertaken by Ali Jan Damani while he was studying the catalogue critically for his forthcoming article on the project of how the khojki manuscripts must be subject to cataloguing by potential scholars.

Source (PDF): Zawahir Catalogue__Searchable__Damani


Author: ismailimail

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