Interview | Zainab Verjee shares her thoughts on systemic racism, diversity management, and Canada’s place in the arts

Charlie Smith, Pancouver, November 30, 2022

For the past four decades, Zainub Verjee has been a thought leader and a champion of the arts in Canada. Now a Senior Fellow of Massey College and a McLaughlin College Fellow, she is widely admired as a public intellectual, writer, critic, cultural administrator, and artist. Her commentaries and scholarly writings on Canadian Art and Culture, particularly as they pertain to constitutional matters and the political economy of culture, have shaped national debates.

Zainub Verjee is a Senior Fellow of Massey College and a McLaughlin College Fellow, as well as a widely admired public intellectual in Canada. Image: Charlie Smith/Pancouver

Verjee is the laureate of the 2020 Governor General’s Visual and Media Arts Award for Outstanding Contribution. In addition, she’s been the recipient of honorary doctorates from OCAD University and NSCAD University.

She has held senior positions at the all levels of government including Department of Canadian Heritage, Canada Council for the Arts, City of Mississauga, International Art Gallery, Lisbon and Western Front, Vancouver. Currently, she is the executive director of Galeries Ontario/Ontario Galleries—the voice of Art Galleries and Art Museums in Canada. She is a mentor at Action Canada public policy program.

Pancouver recently asked Verjee 10 questions about arts and cultural issues and policies.

Read interview here

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