Farhan Shah: “Yeh sirf rooh ka kaam hai (It’s only soul’s work)”

An award-winning, singer, composer, and music producer, Farhan Shah has performed across the world for the past two decades also producing music for feature films, television, anthems for festivals as well as collaborating with other popular artists.

Performing at the fundraising event for Afghanistan organised by Nexus Arts. Source: Farhan Shah (FB). Photo credit: Razan Fakhouri

Renowned for his sensational voice (dubbed as the “Australian Pakistani Pavarotti), Farhan has established himself as the leading solo and collaborating South Asian world music vocalist in Australia after moving from Karachi, Pakistan, where he was born and raised.

Farhan Shah has played a major role in introducing audiences to the immense beauty and power of Sufi tradition and culture in Australia and beyond.

Farhan notes, “Sufi music is beyond the science and nature of all other forms of music because of its experimental, devotional, unconventional form. In Urdu I would say Yeh sirf rooh ka kaam hai. How can you create an out-of-body experience for others without losing your own self. It’s highly improvised in nature, where knowing lyrics and music are essential, but just not enough to present and perform as well. Because there are no books which can explain this science to create heart and soul connection or to be a vessel.”

Source: Farhan Shah (YouTube)

Farhan’s contribution towards Sufi music genre was rewarded when he and his band mate Shahid Rehman (Udan Khatola) won the Adelaide UNESCO City of Music Award for Best International Collaboration in 2020 for the song “Maula Ya Ali (Sufi prayer).

Source: Farhan Shah (YouTube

Farhan’s musical artistry is not only limited to Sufi music genre. In 2020, this musical duo also won prestigious 2020 Global Music Award for Outstanding Achievement under the Eastern contemporary classical category for Saavan.

Reflecting on how he can make a positive contribution in today’s world, he stated “I think I would not be able to speak about my own work and its contribution because I don’t even consider myself enough who can make any difference to anyone. I just think, I am on a journey, learning everyday, making  mistakes, learning not to repeat them, trying to be a little better person and just doing what I know a little, that is it. As artists, our contribution to the world is intangible unlike scientists, astronauts or real estate agents.”

Farhan Shah performing at St Peter’s Cathedral Church, Adelaide for International Peace Day 2021. Source: Farhan Shah (FB). Photo credit: Razan Fakhouri

Farhan adds that “art is a parameter to measure progress and development of societies, communities, and countries. Places where art and artists are valued, where freedom to express art are not barriered, where art is a freely valued essential entity and doesn’t require political, social, and communal endorsement are the most progressive, happy and growing societies.”

At Her Majesty’s Theatre. Picture source: Farhan Shah (FB)

When not traveling or performing at live events, Farhan shares his experiences offering workshops on Tasawwuf and Sufi music along with Nadyah Rahim (Story narrator, Educator) at the local schools and colleges in Australia.

The global pandemic has not dampened Farhan’s passion for music. In recent times, he has jointly, with Shahid Rehman, Irfan S Ali and JollyGul.com, launched two musical initiatives (Tajalli Lounge, Maqam Station) where he contributes his time and energy as “creative head”.

Tajalli Lounge, is an initiative that aims to merge in energies of aspiring talents with established artists from around the world to create divinely inspired, world-class soulful music.

Their first production “Haseebi” through this platform recently won Global Music Award 2021 for “Outstanding Achievement- Contemporary Sufi Music”

Follow Tajalli Lounge:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tajallilounge/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tajallilounge
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tajallilounge

Maqam Station’s sole purpose is to produce original, high quality devotional content collaborating with artists from around the world.

Follow Maqam Station on Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/maqamstation

Farhan Shah’s YouTube page – https://www.youtube.com/c/FarhanShah

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