Happy Mother’s Day – Ginan By Nasim Bhimji #Mothersday

NewRelease presents Nasim Bhimji’s soulful rendition of Pir Sadardin’s ginan Bindra Re Van Maa(n) Sukh Chare Re Gaava(n)tree – (In Vrindavan a cow grazed peacefully) . This is a story of a cow that grazed peacefully in the Vrindavan forest until confronted by a hungry lion. The ginan has a special message of love, and the video is being released in time for Mother’s Day 2020.

Vrindavan (also pronounced Brindaban) in Uttar Pradesh India is one of the most sacred places in Hinduism and it is where Lord Krishna spent most of his childhood.

Mothers have a very special status in Islam. In a contest between mothers and fathers, the mothers take the top 3 prizes. Fathers end up 4th. A person repeatedly asked Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) what he should do to assure his salvation. Three times the Prophet gave him the same reply – “Be good to your mother.” The man tried the 4th time – he asked: “Next to her? To what other person should I be good to?”. The Prophet said: “To your father.”

This ginan is about that special bond between a mother and her child. And Nasim Bhimji sings it with compassion, feeling and depth. She has a rich melodious voice. Many of her ginan recitations are those that are not so commonly recited, but can be found in 3 volumes of her album “From My Soul To Yours”. presents the ginan with animation to enhance the visual storytelling. Line by line lyrics and translations are displayed in the video. Enjoy!


Author: ismailimail

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