Illuminated Tours: Educational Tour to Turkey 2019 @ostadjaan

So what do you get by coming by on an “Illuminated Tours” to Turkey instead of going on your own?

Blue Mosque.jpg
The building are still just as beautiful, and the people are just as kind. But you get more out of the experience when you are part of an experience to discuss the inner meanings of the religions and historical context of Turkey, led by someone with 20 years of study connected to these wondrous places.

Magical Lanscape of Cappodocia

OmidOmid Safi is a Professor of Islamic Studies at Duke University, specializing in contemporary Islamic thought and classical Islam. He serves as the Director of the Duke Islamic Studies Center.

Omid has taken more than 575 students and adults to Turkey and Morocco since 2002.   This experience is what has enabled him to offer Illuminated Tours as one of the rare opportunities to go inside the deepest beauties and mysteries of one of the world’s truly special destinations.

Omid is an award-winning teacher and speaker, and was nominated six times at Colgate University for the “Professor of the Year” award, and before that twice at Duke University for the Distinguished Lecturer award. At the University of North Carolina, he received the award for mentoring minority students in 2009, and the Sitterson Teaching Award for Professor of the Year in April of 2010.  He brings this award-winning teacher approach to every discussion in Turkey.


This tour is scheduled for October 1st- 12th, 2019. Click the link below to see the complete itinerary of this trip with cost.

This program is open to anyone and everyone. You do not have to be a university student.

The most important criterion is “fit.”   There are lots of tours out there, with very different orientations. This Illuminated Tours are intended for people who are seriously dedicated to experiencing the richness of a Muslim culture, and want to learn by immersing themselves in the history, literature, religions, art, spirituality, and politics of a place.

Reservation is on a first-come, first-serve basis.

To secure a place, contact Omid Safi at or click the link below to learn more.




2019 Turkey Itinerary
​(October 1st-12th, 2019)

2019 Turkey Itinerary
​(October 1st-12th, 2019)

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