The Institute of Ismaili Studies has three publications as Open Access, free to download or read online.

The following publications are available to download or read online free of charge:

1.The Renaissance of Shi’i Islam: Facets of Thought and Practice
by Ed. Farhad Daftary & Janis Esots.

The renaissance of Shi’i Islam began in the 9th/15th century when the Ismailis experienced the Anjudan revival and Twelver Shi’i traditions were also renewed. This renaissance gained further strength when the Safavids succeeded in establishing a state in the early decades of the 10th/16th century, making Ithna’ashari Shi’i Islam their official religion.

Image: Bloomsbury

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2. Texts, Scribes and Transmission: Manuscript Cultures of the Ismaili Communities and Beyond by Ed. Wafi A. Momin. Click:

The past few decades have seen a burgeoning of interest in the manuscript cultures of the Muslim world. The study of manuscripts has brought to light new perspectives on the transmission of texts and larger questions of cultural practices passed down within the learned circles of premodern Muslim societies. But the intellectual and literary heritage of Ismaili communities, forming a major branch of Shi’i Islam, has until recently been preserved in private and largely inaccessible libraries.

This open access volume brings together studies offering insights on different aspects of the manuscript cultures nurtured by Ismaili communities until well after the widespread dissemination of printed books.

Image: Bloomsbury

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3. Central Asian Ismailis: An Annotated Bibliography of Russian, Tajik and Other Sources
Dagikhudo Dagiev

The Shi’i Ismaili Muslims of Central Asia have a complex political history. This open access book is the first English-language study of the Ismaili Muslims in this region, based on analysis of the Russian, Soviet and post-Soviet scholarship about them. It sheds new light on their history and heritage, and also shows how the Ismailis of Central Asia have been understood and presented in the academic literature.

Image: Bloomsbury

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