New Book | The Heat is On: How To Overcome The Climate Emergency

The Heat is on is a new book that describes the climate challenges we face and some of the solutions that can be acted upon. The author, Afzal Sovani is an entrepreneur and a venture capitalist who has previously worked on numerous environmental and energy related joint ventures. As well, he is an educator. The combination of his diversified background and experience has made this book very insightful and thought provoking.

The book de-mystifies a complex subject matter in a straight-forward manner. In addition to a foreword by the Aga Khan Agency for Habitat (AKAH) and Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), the book is critically acclaimed by a number of climate experts and a cross-section of industry leaders.

The climate crisis is not just the warming of our planet. It affects and determines the short and long term well-being of us as humans and other planetary species. It indeed is a watershed moment in history.

Afzal provides a provocative and a comprehensive overview with concrete answers in resolving the climate emergency. In fact, he goes a step beyond and lays out a unique Business Plan for the Planet to follow. If we do not step up, we may be doing it at our own peril because the scale and scope of calamity are truly unimaginable.

It may be one of the single most important books you will want to read on this subject matter. The General Manager of AKAH, Mr. Onno Ruhl states, “Mr. Sovani’s narrative is simple, compelling, sometimes gruesome, but certainly not overly dramatic. His descriptions of the future under current climate scenarios are as realistic as the outcomes he describes are unacceptable: if we do not act now, the planet will survive, but humans on the planet may not.”

Published by Waterfront Media Group Inc., the book can be purchased at Amazon.

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