Canada’s Food Guide 2020: Persona Naan Grata- Desi~licious RD, Shahzadi Devje

In this episode of the Desi~licious Den: Dietitian on Demand, Registered Dietitian, Shahzadi Devje, dives in to discuss if Canada’s Food Guide, 2020 is culturally inclusive.


This year, Canada’s Food Guide was produced after careful research and public consultation in the form of surveys. It certainly is impactful and contains recipes of nutritional value, but ultimately the Food Guide still caters to a Western concept of what a healthy diet looks like. We can all agree how inclusive and culturally diverse this beautiful country is. However, Canada’s Food Guide is lacking in a variety of ethnic flavours. Apart from a couple of Middle Eastern dishes and one vegetable curry, there is no other mention of South Asian, Oriental or African health foods. Canada’s Food Guide further states that the country is multicultural; thus, there is a need to include a variety of cuisines. However, we don’t see foods from other ethnicities on the plate model.

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