Shahzadi Devje (@DesiliciousRD): #Ramadan 2022 – How To Eat Healthy

Ramadan is a time to honour our bodies, health, and wellbeing while pursuing our spiritual quests. With expert guidance from registered dietitian, Shahzadi Devje (@desiliciousrd), discover how to eat healthy throughout Ramadan 2022. She answers your questions on what to eat to stay full, what you should eat for Suhoor and Iftar, how to prevent dehydration, and what foods to minimize and avoid – to avoid unpleasant symptoms during Ramadan.

This Healthy Eating Ramadan Guide covers:

  • What do Muslims do during Ramadan?
  • How does fasting affect my body?
  • What are the health benefits of fasting?
  • Can fasting cause dehydration?
  • How To Eat Healthy During Ramadan 2022?
    • What food is eaten during Ramadan?
    • What can I eat during Ramadan to stay full?
    • What should I eat for breakfast?
    • What should I eat for Iftar?
  • What should I avoid or minimize during Ramadan?
  • Is it possible to stay healthy during Ramadan?
  • Is fasting in Ramadan safe for people living with diabetes?
  • What should I eat to lose weight during Ramadan?
  • How to eat healthy during Ramadan – takeaway points

Click to read the full guide and get the recipes: Ramadan 2022 – How To Eat Healthy

Woman in oriental dress holding bowl of dates and fresh drinking water in hands for Ramadan iftar evening meal and fasting month. Ramazan Muslim fasting food and Islamic Middle East tradition

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One thought

  1. I am cancer patient and high blood,
    What do I have eat? Also restless legs
    I have to take medication ever 8 hrs


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