Shahzadi Devje: On Hope, Digging Deep & Becoming The Desi~licious RD @Desiliciousrd

SDIsmailimail’s media relationship with Shahzadi Devji (Desilicious RD) has been ongoing for a while now. She has graciously partnered with us to promote her healthy eating tips, and recipes for worldwide audiences to enjoy and benefit from. While we have shared many of her posts on almost regular basis, our team of volunteers never actually knew about who Shahzadi is on personal level?

Recently, Shahzadi Devje opened up and shared details about her personal life. From her childhood days, to who she is now, she poured her heart out in her latest post on her website.

Excerpts from her post:

For years, I have professionally and personally agonized over whether I should share my story. I’ve realized that true connection can only happen when we know one another. I think I’ve been holding back from owning my story because of the struggle to deal with shame and vulnerability.

About two years ago, I came across the work of Brené Brown, and had a wake up call. If you’re familiar with Brené’s work, you know her wisdom stops you in your tracks. She’s dedicated her life to studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy. In Brené’s words, “Owning our story and loving ourselves through the process is the bravest thing we will ever do.”

I’m being brave.

This is my story of becoming. Not only in becoming the Desi~licious RD and a Health Professional [Dietitian], but in becoming ME.

Read her incredible story at the source:



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