New Song by Shahzad Hamid Ali: “Mere Mawla Shah Karim”

New Song by Shahzad Hamid Ali: "Mere Mawla Shah Karim"Shahzad Hamid Ali is originally from Karachi Pakistan now residing in Kampala Uganda.

Shahzad from a very young age, has been inclined towards music, as the charm of soulful ginans, geets and the traditional folk melodies often created a sense of eternal joy and divine happiness for him.

It is then he volunteered and started singing for the community orchestra (Platinum Jamatkhana Garden Karachi, year 2007) and his journey as a musician (vocalist/singer) began.

New Song by Shahzad Hamid Ali: "Mere Mawla Shah Karim"He was very well recognised and appreciated by the Jamat when he triumphed the 1st Runner up trophy for a singing contest “Loud n Proud” – organized by Aga Khan Youth and Sports Board Garden Jurisdiction, with 12 participating Jamatkhanas and hundreds of competing contestants.

The Judges of the Grand Finale were renowned Pakistani music industry maestros, namely music director Nizar Lalani and artists from the Band “Fusion”.

New Song by Shahzad Hamid Ali: "Mere Mawla Shah Karim"Shahzad was also a member of Prince Aly S. Khan Orchestra (commonly known as Masala Jk) – Year 2013 – 2016.

Being an artist Shahzad has been part of different Jamati projects and events as a volunteer.

On the occasion of Diamond jubilee, he along with his fiancée Maryam Lakhdir has written a Geet in the Name of “Mere Maula Shah Karim”, in a gesture to present Nazrana to Maulana Hazir Imam

(The track has been revisited and produced by Shahzad Hamid Ali)

It is made in the notion of a “Murid’s” feelings towards the Imam, asking to enlighten their soul by providing them a deedar.


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  1. Shahzad Ali this is the most beautiful geet i’ve heard so far from all other geets, with so much emotion and brought tears to my eyes, together with pictures of Mowla from 1957 todate. Many many congratulations and may you excel in all your geets for him. Wishing you and your family a very special Khushyali Mubarak.


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