Taj Esmail’s Diamond Jubilee Tribute Devotional Song “Lakho Salaam Ho Tere Naam”

Taj Esmail is 72 years old and have lived in Toronto since 1974. A musician at heart, Taj has performed at numerous Jamati events, stage shows, variety programs, dandia-raas events, etc.

During the Silver Jubilee celebrations of Mawlana Hazar Imam, Taj collaborated with popular singer Khursheed Nurali for several shows. The resounding success of these shows resulted in the production of “A Jubilee Tribute” album.

Excerpts from the cover of the Jubilee Tribute Album:

“The Aga Khan Volunteer Corps Orchestra, under the able and dedicated leadership of Taj Esmail has within a short span of time produced a remarkable blend of melodies. This truly is a labour of love. The Ismaili institutions salute these dedicated volunteers and Taj Esmail for so selflessly spending hours in the production of this tribute.”

During the Golden Jubilee celebrations, Taj composed a Swahili devotional song. A short edited excerpt from this song was performed in the presence of the Mawlana Hazar Imam on 7th July 2011 during the Institutional dinner hosted by the Tanzania Jamat. The video of Ismaili youth performing a “Ngoma” dance to this song can be viewed at the.ismaili website.

Taj Esmail: Diamond Jubilee Tribute Devotional Song “Lakho Salaam Ho Tere Naam”

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