“Noori Nazare” by Kamal Haji & Sarah Haji

A young Ismaili artist, Sarah Haji, from USA, presents an original song, “Noori Nazare” to celebrate the upcoming Diamond Jubilee of Mawlana Hazar Imam.

The gist of this song is that Mawla’s arrival brings with it abundance of blessings, and creates a glowing feel all around.

Performer: Sarah Haji
Original Music and Lyrics: Kamal Haji
Arrangement: Kamal Haji & Dilshad Haji
Lyrical Video: Dilshad Moledina


Mawla Aaye
Rehmat Chhaye
Saj Gaye Noori Nazare

Chand Sitare
Chamke Saare
Bajne Lage Hain Nagare

Zikr Tera Yunhi Chalta Rahe
Yaad Mein Dil Machalta Rahe
Tere Dum Se
Rehmat Chhaye
Saj Gaye Noori Nazare

Dil Mein Hamare Aas Hai
Deedar Ki Pyaas Hai
Tu Jo Aaye
Rehmat Chhaye
Saj Gaye Noori Nazare

Shukr Tera Ya Shah-e-Umam
Ata Ki Tu Ne Nazr-e-Karam
Tere Saaye
Rehmat Chhaye
Saj Gaye Noori Nazare

Mawla Aaye
Rehmat Chhaye
Saj Gaye Noori Nazare

Aaee Aaee
Diamond Jubilee Aaee
Hazar Imam Ki Jubilee
Diamond Jubilee Aaee

Facebook: http://www.Facebook.com/kamal.haji.3
Twitter: http://www.Twitter.com/kamalhaji
Instagram: http://www.Instagram.com/hajik123
Email: kamalhajimusic@gmail.com

Audio / Lyrical Video Production: USA/ Canada


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2 thoughts

  1. The “Jubilee-ish” feeling this song gives, simply illuminates the heart. The verse “Zikr Tera Yunhi Chalta Rahe, Yaad Mein Dil Machalta Rahe” rhymes naturally to provide a universal glow to the sea of hearts who practice “Zikr” a.k.a rememberance of our beloved guide. Thanks for the gift from your hearts.


    1. AlHamdullilah! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful thought and generous comment, Moez Mehdi!! ūüôŹūüŹľ


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