Young Musical Performers: Zahra Virani and Misbah Aziz

Young Musical Performers: Zahra Virani and Misbah AzizZahra Virani, 13, and Misbah Aziz, 12, are great examples of what the children of the Jamat should strive to achieve. Zahra is a percussionist, a pianist, and a drummer, while Misbah is a pianist and plays the flute. As well as their talent at playing instruments, they are also skilled at writing music and making art. The two young musicians from Clear Lake Houston Jamatkhana are very passionate about music, and have been since they were very young.

Young Musical Performers: Zahra Virani and Misbah AzizOn July 11, 2017, the two girls had the opportunity to perform in the Southwest Diamond Jubilee opening ceremony. Now, they have been visiting various Jamatkhanas, looking to promote the Jubilee Arts Festival and inspire the youth of the Jamat to participate.

The two girls’ work serve as an important message to the children of the Jamat; seek out what you are good at, and what you enjoy doing. Work hard at improving your skills, and share it with the world.

Watch them perform here:

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