Ayaz Ismail / Amin Vailgy: Tera Shukriya – New Song on Diamond Jubilee Mulaqaat Worldwide

Ayaz Ismail / Amin Vailgy: Tera Shukriya - New song on Diamond Jubilee Mulaqaat WorldwideThis is a very special composition of mine.


I wanted to dedicate this to all the Ismailis around the world on Diamond Jubilee visits of our beloved Hazir Imam.


Presenting to all of you “Tera Shukriya” Official music video.

Experience your moments this Diamond Jubilee. I will cherish this song for the rest of my life. It will remain in my heart forever. The making of this song was divine, and it was his blessings. The essence of this song is happiness embedded within emotions. It’s a journey of an individual during the ‘Mulaqaat’ of His Highness Aga Khan’s Diamond Jubilee visits. Moreover, it is a bond with your loved ones capturing those moments during the mulaqaat. It signifies love, contemplation, and enlightenment. Those memories we have in our lives arise suddenly and some memories we cherish and some memories we forget. When we remember those memories, we close our eyes and remember his presence. I have expressed my emotions through my music and Amin Vailgy has expressed his emotions through lyrics. I recorded this after midnight, and lots of memories came, but I could imagine myself at the mulaqaat hall and experience his presence, smile, and the love for the jamat worldwide. My sincere appreciation to Raaj Jagtap for his guidance during the post production stage. We dedicate this song to all of you. “Tera Shukriya” will be available on iTunes, Saavn, Spotify, and Google Play. God Bless & Lots of love. #DiamondJubilee #TeraShukriya


Music Production Team:
Singer: Ayaz Ismail, Amin Vailgy
Lyrics: Amin Vailgy
Composer & Music Producer: Ayaz Ismail
Acoustic Guitar: Anthony Plant
Bass: Peter Champagne
Roli: Ayaz Ismail
Mixing Engineer: Ayaz Ismail (iThinkSound, Dallas, TX)
Mastering Engineer: Donal Whelan (Hafod Mastering, UK)

Video Production:
Videographer, Editor, Director: Eric Van Brunt


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