Amad e IMAM-e-ZAMAAN Dar Gilgit-Baltistan | DJ Ghasuray – Alyaas Nasiri (Burushaski)

Arrival of Imam Shah Karim Al Hussaini Hazir Imam (A.S.)



1) Mudam me Jee a yanum dithalchumay khain diya. Akhung me noor-e-Ali (A.S), Fatima (A.S), Hassan (A.S), Hussain diya.
Shah Karim un me mesay milchinay gari gumana
Yurum jee zinda netay un me jee gha jee gumana.

Dunyawum zindagigha noor-e-zindagi gumana
Bihistum gamburimo tishay tay viri gumana.

Gari me milchinay megha noor-e-ayein diya.
Akhung me noor-e-ali Fatima, hassan, Hussain diya.

1) Our Souls have been in an oblivious sleep for a long time. It is time to awake from this obliviousness sleep because the Noor of Panjtan meaning (Mawla Ali (A.S), Fatima (A.S), Hassan (A.S) and Hussain (A.S)) have arrived.
O Shah Karim Imam-e-Zaman become our inner eye, provide us with the esoteric eyes. Make us alive from within this way you become alive within us our beloved Imam. O Imam-e-zaman provide us with the ability to go through (Muto Anta Qabla Mutoo) meaning death before our physical death so that way we become a living part of your eternal existence. Make this physical life of ours lightened with your eternal Nur so that way our lives becomes enlightened and may the fragrance of Heaven also known as Sakina become fragrance of our soul enabling our physical existence to be filled with fragrance. Imam-e-zaman your presence is coolness to our eyes, you are the Nur, you are the Nur-e-Panjtan.

2) Yaseen pur noor mani go qadam balicha lay khudaye noor,
Sesa koh-e-toor mani go qadam balicha lay khudaye noor.

Karim-e-zaatulay hen khudaye Shan duwa
Kullu yawuman huwa fish Shah khudaye farman duwa.

Heshing afating khul khudaye noor-e-rain diya
Akhung me noor-eAli, Fatima, hassan, Hussain diya.

2) O Nur-e-Khudawand, your physical presence is a blessing that has enlightened the town of Yasin, the town has enlightened similar to Mount Sinai, because the Noor-e-Khudawand seen by their Mureeds. The Quranic ayat “Kul Yaumin Huwaa Fi-shan” is the living proof of this. Today all our sorrows and worries have vanished because today the hand of Allah (Yadullah) has come for our help. Today the soul which has been sleeping in dream of unconsciousness needs to be awakened for the Nur-e-Panjtan (A.S).

3) Osay ulchin yatay guyechumay a laan duwa
walaqad karramna go zigir quranulay bayan duwa

Gareeb Nasiri beltum go sifat bayaan a chimi
Wasfe maulaye karim noor-e-han jahan duwa
Me umray dening harang bot Mubarak dain diya
Akhung me noor-e-ali Fatima, hassan, Hussain diya.

3) Those fortunate and blessed ones that has seen you with their eternal eyes and can feel your presence in their hearts and minds have claimed today that in the Quranic ayah “Walakad Karamna” which defines Allah’s presence and his grandeur. How can this poor and miserable Naseer explains your glory! The blessed and glorious year has come, during our whole lifetime, that has blessed us with the deedar of Nur-e-Panjtan.

4) Un noor-e-gamburi ba me mesmo ulay dukhar gala,
Hamish me jee ulay very nukuma duarr galaa

Noor-eguchar yatay me yurum jee zinda nay gala
Me Hamish thapulay bam zindagi gha sa nay gala.

Jahanay husnay ayashay noor bar zameen diya
Akhung me noor-e-fatima, hassan, husain diya.

4) Oh Imam-e-Zaman! Your deedar and remembrance is like a noorani flower that has now blossomed in our heart. Your blessed remembrance has been born in our hearts like a sweet fragrance, that will continue to cherish us our whole life. And you have left after bestowing us with this kindness. You have given us birth with your blessed voice meaning “Sur-e-Israfeel”. We were always in darkness! And you have taken us out from this darkness and blessed us with light like a sun, That is “barjan e man chu nur e imam e zaman betaft .. lailus sarar e budam o shams u zuha shudam”. The noorani beauty of this universe has come down on this earth to bless us with deedar. Today, Noor-e-Panjtan has arrive to cure this forgiven soul.



Music Producer: DJ Ghasuray
Lyrics: Alyaas Nasiri
Producer: Alyaas Nasiri, Hasnain Salim
Vocals: Noor Bano & Rab Nawaz
Directed by: Hasnain Salim
Cinematographer: Zulfiqar Ahmad
Costume: Hanan Hussain
Rubab: Waseem-ud-Din
Guitar: Zulqarnain Salim

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