Zahira Dhalwani presents: zaHIRA – a Diamond Jubilee Devotional Expressions Album

The Composition Inspiration

  • Love. The inspiration for the album first manifested during the emotional Diamond Jubilee Inauguration on July 11 2018, followed by the soulful Eastern Canada Mulaqat 2018 of our Beloved Mawlana Hazar Imam. These special moments led Zahira to share her personal Diamond Jubilee journey with the Canadian and world-wide Jamats in the form of devotional poetry further composed into devotional songs.

The Album Title

  • zaHIRA – The diamond in her name (HIRA) will shine, the moment she is touched by His Light. This is the start of Zahira’s spiritual transformation.

The Album Tracks

  • The tracks are sequenced by the different expressions and emotions of love through these moments, starting from hearing the official LIF announcement of Mawla’s visit/arrival (Taaza Khabar), followed by the yearning to see Mawla (Intezaar-e-Ishq), with singing praises of Mawla thereafter (Mawla Munjo Pyaaro), singing songs of Mawla’s Arrival as he arrives (Aavya re Aavya), being blessed by his Deedar (Deedar instrumental), pledging Mawla my allegiance (again) (Tere Saath Hai Hum Mawla), thanking him for visiting us (Dilse Shukriya), celebrating after being blessed by Mawla’s Deedar (Badhhai Ho), pleading him to stay a bit longer (Thhodi Der Tu Theherja) and continuing to remember God (Yaad Karo Khudako)
Visit Zahira’s YouTube Channel and SoundCloud account to listen to and be informed of the releases of her remaining album tracks.


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