Shakeel Bhamani: ‘Mawla Mere Aayenge’ (Original) – A Cappella – Diamond Jubilee Geet

Shakeel Bhamani: 'Mawla Mere Aayenge' (Original) - A Cappella - Diamond Jubilee GeetMeet Shakeel Bhamani, or as he goes by Shak, 23 year old Ismaili Muslim currently living in Chicago. He is a beatboxer, singer, drummer, and a dabbler in many other instruments including guitar and piano/keyboard. Shak recently competed in the 2017 American Beatbox Championships and became the Vice Champion of Loopstation Beatboxing! While in college, he was also a member and President of Taal Tadka, Georgia Tech’s premier South Asian a cappella group, whose tracks can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube (see if you can find him in one of their music videos)! He also was one of the original members of GT Buzzbeats, which is Georgia Tech’s only group devoted purely for beatboxing. Through these college groups, Shak received the opportunity to open for several major artists, such as B.o.B, Dev, Arjun, Culture Shock, and Mickey Singh.

Shakeel is a software engineer by profession, but his current goals revolve around making music his true career. A devoted volunteer, Shakeel wishes to give back to the community by creating and teaching Ismaili music in his unique way through only using his mouth as the instrument! You can find him on all social media, especially Instagram, as @shakbbx.”

Mawla Mere Aayenge (Original) A Cappela – Jubilee geet written by Shakeel’s mom Seema Bhamani on the occasion of Hazar imam’s diamond jubilee.


About beatboxing:

Beatboxing (also beat boxing or b-boxing) is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of mimicking drum machines (typically a TR-808), using one’s mouth, lips, tongue, and voice. It may also involve vocal imitation of turntablism, and other musical instruments. Beatboxing today is connected with hip-hop culture, often referred to as “the fifth element” of hip-hop, although it is not limited to hip-hop music. The term “beatboxing” is sometimes used to refer to vocal percussion in general.


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