New Publication: Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan: Humanitarian and Visionary – a Biography by Diana Miserez

prince-sadruddin-aga-khan-humanitarian-and-visionaryPrince Sadruddin Aga Khan: Humanitarian and Visionary

By Diana Miserez

Publication Date: 28/01/2017

Format: Hardback


ISBN: 9781910878880

Categories: Biography, History & Politics

Tags: history, Humanitarian, Political

The book traces the life of a high-born humanitarian, visionary and environmentalist, the second son of the once very well-known Aga Khan III.

Diana begins by looking at his earlier life and studies in Switzerland and the USA. In these early years she also looks at the tasks that he undertook for the United Nations. She later discusses his strenuous efforts to make known the dangers of nuclear proliferation and the hazards of destroying the environment are interspersed with descriptions of unique missions the prince undertook.

Diana uses the later chapters to relay the Princes’ activities in relation to our natural world and his overall outlook.

Throughout the book, the Prince’s exceptional personality is reflected through the use of radio interviews and press cuttings.

Diana hopes that this book will inspire younger generations, those that the Prince looked toward with regard to the destiny of our planet.

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One thought

  1. Prince Sadruddin changed the whole outlook of UNHCR from dealing with Europe-based refugees to refugees world-wide and thus showed the scope of the human disasters that were unfolding in the developing countries. Most these refugees would be quietly accommodated by neighbouring countries without becoming “international ” issues. Even now Uganda accommodates displaced people from South Sudan and Rwanda almost automatically. It’s when African refugees started crossing the Med to go to Europe that we became aware of internal conflicts in Africa. Of course now the scope of refugees the HCR has to deal with again has a Europe focus because of the war-induced displacements from Syria. Prince Sadruddin would have been emotionally attached as his ancestors came from those parts. If there is a silver lining it that the Secretary-General of the UN is the recently stepped-down High Commissioner of Refugees Antonio Guterres, a former prime minister of Portugal, where he played a special role in negotiating the shift of the Imamat from Aiglemont to Portugal.
    Prince Sadruddin as I have recalled in my “letter” for Simerg will forever have a special place in the hearts of Uganda Asians for coming to their/our rescue at the expulsion in 1972. At the last week of the expulsion deadline there some 5 thousand or so Uganda Asians who had nowhere to go. Many had been confirmed in their Uganda citizenship. UNHCR came and picked them up, no questions asked, and took them to five centres in Europe. From there they were gradually accepted by over a score of countries world-wide. The Prince visited the camps himself. ALL Uganda Asian sects were in that last lot and all pay special homage to our Prince in the book I am writing about those times. Our Imam played his role with his friend Pierre Elliot Trudeau and that too is recorded in my book and that rescue too was sect-blind and all the nonIsmaili Asians who were admitted as well as Uganda Asians in general pay their respect to HH Aga Khan Prince Karim. Next year it is Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee of ascending to the throne of the Imamat and his role in the Uganda Asian crisis is bound to be recognized by the Uganda government then as well as the role of UNHCR. My book should be out by then – a full ten years after Hazar Imam’s Golden Jubilee! Past 1.5 million words, there is bound to be “something there” in it! Thank you to Malik Merchant (Simerg), Madat Shariff and IsmailiMail for supporting me. Publication-wait fatigue set in in some individuals. It is coming Inshallah.


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