Sage Advice from the Late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan

“I would like to see every Ismaili and particularly every young Ismaili become an Ambassador, a real Ambassador of the community. And I mean *active* ambassadors, Ambassadors who really work hard. I want you to be active ambassadors. I want you to explain to your Canadian friends, to your neighbors, to the people that you work with, that you live with, the people that entertain you, or that you will be entertaining, *what you are*, *where you come from*, about *your traditions*, about *your culture*, about *your religion*, about the way in which the community functions…you should explain to your Canadian friends what the Ismaili Community is all about. *Explain the role of the Imam*, not only his religious functions but also the economic and social advice that you receive from the Imam and what has happened to the community as a result of its unity in other parts of the world.”

“I don’t want the Ismailis to be known in their new countries only because of their business qualifications, only because they are clever businessmen, only because they are good at getting along on business. I want Ismailis, especially the young people, to be known for their culture, for their extra curricular interests, for their sporting activities, for their culture, their religion, for their intellect – and young people have so many opportunities here.”

Sage Advice from the Late Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan
Imam Sultan Mahomed Shah with Begum Om Habiba, Mata Salalmat, and Prince Sadruddin at a Mulaqat with the Karimabad Jamat during his Diamond Jubilee visit to Mumbay

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