Remembering Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan – Islamic Painting Art Collection

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Saruye Shah summons the Demons to Aid Him Against Shah Rahmin A manuscript of the Tuhfet Ul-Leta’If. Turkey 1593-1594

Isfandiyar Kills the Simurgh Page from a Shahnamah for Shah Isma’il II. Iran, Qazvin 1576-1577

Zawarah in the Hunting Ground of Siyavush Page from a Shahnamah for Sultan Mirza ‘Ali. Iran, Gilan 1499

Jahangir’s Lion Hunt By Farrukh-i Khurd-i Chela. India circa 1610

A Noble Hunt Attributable to Muhammad ‘Ali. India 1610-1615

An Elephant of Many Parts India. Circa 1600

A Family of Cheetahs Attributable to Basawan. India 1575-1580

Shah Jahan and Jahangir By Balchand and Abu’l-Hasan. India 1628

Firdausi Encounters the Court Poets of Ghazna Attributable to Aqa-Mirak. Page from a Shahnamah for Shah Tahmasp. Iran, Tabriz. Circa 1532

Marks of Love By Afzal al-Husayni. Iran, Isfahan. 1646

Two Shepherds in a Bucolic landscape By ‘Ali Quli Jabbahdar. Iran. Circa 1675.

Pictoral Genealogy of Jahangir India. 1620-1622

Floral Fantasy India. Circa 1650

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