Professor Amir Kassam serves as a Guest Editor of a special issue of the Journal Environments

Professor Amir Kassam serves as a Guest Editor of a special issue of the Journal Environments, published by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) which is an academic open-access publisher.

The special issue is dedicated to the theme of: “The Role of Conservation Agriculture in Sustainable Production Intensification for Smallholder Farmers in Africa”.

Spirit of Service: Impact of Agriculture Professor Amir Kassam's work in rural IndiaIn recent years, production intensification in smallholder farming in Africa is benefiting from the adoption and spread of Conservation Agriculture (CA). CA is an agro-ecological approach to sustainable production intensification that is based on implementing three interlinked principles: (i) minimum soil disturbance, (ii) maintenance of organic soil cover, and (iii) a diversified cropping system, along with other good agricultural practices, including integrated management of crops, nutrients, water, pests, and of farm power and energy.
The Special Issue is comprised of selected papers from the First Africa Congress for Conservation Agriculture, plus additional invited papers from researchers working on CA systems in Africa. The Congress focused on “Building Entrepreneurship and Resilient Farming Systems,” as a basis for sustainable production intensification. Thus, this Special Issue offers papers concerning the research and adoption of CA from across Africa; these papers elaborate on the role of CA in the enhancement of: productivity, efficiency of input use, soil health and quality, and resilience to climate variability.

The link to the special issue is:


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