Edited by Professor Amir Kassam, New Book: Conservation Agriculture for Africa

CABI (Centre for Agriculture and Biosciences International) has announced the publication of the following book: Conservation Agriculture for Africa: Building Resilient Farming Systems in a Changing Climate, edited by Amir Kassam, Saidi Mkomwa and Theodor Friedrich, with a Foreword by Howard Buffett.

The book is expected to be launched in November 2016.

Edited by Professor Amir Kassam, New Book: Conservation Agriculture for AfricaTillage agriculture has led to widespread soil and ecosystem degradation globally. This is especially so in Africa where traditional and modern tillage-based agricultural practices have become unsustainable due to severe disturbance and exploitation of natural resources with negative impacts on the environment and rural livelihoods. In addition, agriculture in Africa today faces major challenges including increased costs of production and energy, the effects of climate change, and the lack of an effective paradigm for sustainable intensification, especially for small and medium size holdings. Africa is facing a serious challenge in food security and as a continent has not advanced towards eradicating hunger. In addition, the population in Africa is still growing much faster than in most other continents. This pressure has led to the emergence of no-till Conservation Agriculture as a serious alternative sustainable agriculture paradigm. In Africa, over the past ten years, Conservation Agriculture techniques and methods have spread to many countries as more development, education and research effort is directed towards its extension and uptake.

This book is aimed at agricultural researchers and scientists, educationalists and trainers, agricultural service providers and institutional leaders and policy makers working in the fields of sustainable agriculture and international development, and also at agroecologists, conservation scientists, and those working on ecosystem services.

The book:

  • Focuses on research and development initiatives in Africa aimed at building resilient farming systems based on Conservation Agriculture principles and practices
  • Summarises the status of Conservation Agriculture in Africa today and prospects for its future development in Africa as a basis for sustainable agriculture intensification
  • Describes case studies involving the performance of Conservation Agriculture in Africa.

More details are available at the following link:


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