Advances in Conservation Agriculture: Two-volume book edited by Professor Amir Kassam (@AmirKassam1)

The two-volume book edited by Professor Amir Kassam has just been announced by Burleigh Dodds Science for publication.

Advances in Conservation Agriculture Volume 1 (Systems and Science)

This volume summarises research on key components for successful Conservation 5d93bee5646eb118f068ca90Agriculture (CA).

Chapters review the latest research on ways of optimising no-till techniques to minimise soil disturbance in relation to seeding, weeding and other operations. Chapters also review ways to improve soil health in CA, including mulch cover, cover crops, rotations and intercropping.

The book also includes case studies on optimising CA in particular systems, including rice, root, tuber and horticultural crops as well as integrating livestock in CA systems. The book concludes by looking at certification schemes and institutional support to promote good CA practice.

Advances in Conservation Agriculture Volume 2 (Practice and Benefits)

This collection reviews ways of optimising Conservation Agricultural (CA) practices and5d93bee6646eb118f068caa6 their benefits.

Chapters summarise research on optimising soil management, crop nutrition and irrigation, as well as weed, insect pest and disease management. The book also reviews ways of optimising the environmental and social benefits of adopting CA practices.

Chapters discuss carbon and biodiversity management, the ways CA can promote ecosystem services as well as the use of life cycle assessment (LCA) techniques to monitor and improve CA. There are also chapters on improving the economic and broader social benefits of CA for farming communities.



Professor Amir Kassam is Visiting Professor at the University of Reading (UK) and Amir Kassam presents at the 1st Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture, Lusaka, ZambiaModerator of the FAO-hosted Global Platform for Conservation Agriculture Community of Practice (Global CA-CoP). He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (UK) and has received an OBE from the British Government for services to tropical agriculture and to rural development. Prof. Kassam is Chair of the International Conservation Agriculture Advisory Panel for Africa (ICAAP-Africa), Member of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF) and Vice-Chair of the Conservation Agriculture Association for the UK (CA-UK). He is a former chair of the Aga Khan Foundation (UK), the Tropical Agriculture Association (UK), and the FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance Europe Foundation. His international work is focused on sustainable agricultural development. He has published widely.

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