Professor Amir Kassam contributes to the 2016 World Day to Combat Desertification

I take this opportunity to encourage you to explore the significant research work produced by the ELD Initiative, and most notably the well received Value of Land report. We also invited three of our scientists and partners to share with us their thoughts on the subject and tell us about some of the work on the ground.

Dr. Richard Thomas, Director CGIAR (Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research) on Dryland Systems and Scientific Coordinator of the Economics of Land Degradation Initiative.

Reversing agricultural land degradation worldwide – by Amir Kassam of Global Conservation Agriculture Community of Practice

Amir Kassam presents at the 1st Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture, Lusaka, ZambiaReversing agricultural land degradation worldwide

By Amir Kassam – June 16, 2016

Agricultural land degradation and its end result of desertification have been receiving considerable attention by the international community in recent decades. However, the general lack of understanding and awareness about the root causes of land degradation persists, thus the slow progress in reversing the alarming trends of land degradation and land abandonment. Worldwide, empirical and scientific evidence clearly shows that soil degradation in agricultural land use and decreasing productivity are closely related to the prevalence of mechanical soil tillage, the agricultural method of using mouldboard ploughs, disc harrows, tines, rotivators, hoes and other mechanical tools to prepare the field for crop production.

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  1. Congratulations Dr. Kassam, I pray your endevours for agriculture prosper and people understand how important it is to preserve land for agriculture, i wish you success in all the places you will be visiting for this cause.


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