New Publication: A Survey of Ismaili Studies (Part 2) by Khalil Andani

New Publication: A Survey of Ismaili Studies (Part 2) by Khalil AndaniKhalil Andani’s latest peer reviewed article is “A Survey of Ismaili Studies Part 2: Post-Fatimid Ismailism and Modern Ismailism” published in the journal Religion Compass. These two articles are the first to offer a critical and comprehensive summary of the entire field of Ismaili Studies and make all major findings and debates among Ismaili studies scholars accessible to the non-specialist reader.

Article Abstract: This article continues to discuss the major scholarly issues and developments in the study of Ismaili Muslim history and thought in the post-Fatimid and modern periods. In general, scholarly coverage of the Nizari Ismailis greatly outweighs that of the Tayyibis. Following the concealment of the Tayyibi Imams in the 12th century, the Tayyibi da‘wah continued in Yemen under the leadership of da‘is representing the Imams and divided into two major groups – the Sulaymanis and Da’udis. The Nizari Imamat continued in Persia until the public emergence of their recent living Imams, the Aga Khans, in modern times. The scholarly issues and themes discussed in this article include the establishment of the Tayyibi da‘wah, later Tayyibi cosmology, the 1164 Nizari declaration of qiyamah, the survival of Nizari communities in Persia and South Asia after the Mongol invasion, and modern Ismaili leadership institutions and communities. The article concludes by briefly summarizing the state of research for different periods of Ismaili history/thought and proposing some future trajectories for the progress of Ismaili studies. The article can be accessed here:

The first article, “A Survey of Ismaili Studies Part 1” can be accessed here

Readers are welcome to email the author directly (kandani at to request a copy of the articles.

Khalil AndaniKhalil Andani is a doctoral (Ph.D) candidate and a SSHRC Doctoral Fellow (2014-2015) specializing in Islamic intellectual history, theology, philosophy, and mysticism at Harvard University and holds a Master of Theological Studies degree (MTS 2014), specializing in Islamic philosophy and Ismaili thought, from Harvard University.

Khalil’s publications include a Survey of Ismaili Studies on Early and Fatimid Ismailism (part 1) published in the Religion Compass journal, a book chapter on Nasir-i Khusraw’s philosophical thought in the Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy, two articles on Ismaili Philosophy in Sacred Web, and an article on Ismaili views of the Crucifixion of Jesus in The Matheson Trust.

He was recently interviewed on CBC Radio about the Aga Khan Museum. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CA-CPA) and has completed Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and Master of Accounting degrees at the University of Waterloo (2008). Over the last few years, Khalil has been invited to deliver several guest lectures and conference presentations on various topics pertaining to Islamic thought and Ismaili philosophy.


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