UChicago Shi’i Studies Group Symposium: Sectarian Identity and Community Formation in Islam- Oct 26-27, 2018

The University of Chicago Shiʿi Studies Symposium is an endeavor of the Shiʿi Studies Group, established in 2010, to provide an interdisciplinary, non-area-specific forum for the discussion of research on Shiʿism by faculty and graduate students at the University and beyond. The annual symposium aims to strengthen the field of Shiʿi Studies by bringing together a group of both senior and early-career scholars to present research and to cultivate an environment for intellectual discussion and collaboration. Join Paul E. Walker, Khalil Andani, and many other esteem speakers as they aim to address a focused set of questions with cross-cutting relevance to scholars working on various periods and from various disciplinary perspectives. This event is Free and Open to Public.

Paul E. Walker

An historian of ideas with a focus on Mediaeval Islamic History, Paul E. Walker has taught at McGill University, Columbia University and the University of Michigan. For several years Dr Walker was the Director of the American Research Centre in Egypt, and Walker, Paul 2015 2_1is currently a Visiting Scholar with the University of Chicago’s Center for Middle Eastern Studies. He has authored and edited many books on Fatimid history and the formative period of Ismaili thought including Early Philosophical Shi’ism (Cambridge University Press, 1993), The Wellsprings of Wisdom: A Study of Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani’s Kitab al-Yanabi (University of Utah Press, 1994), Abu Yaqub al-Sijistani: Intellectual Missionary (I. B. Tauris in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 1996), Hamid al-Din al-Kirmani: Ismaili Thought in the Age of al-Hakim (I. B. Tauris in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 1999), with Wilferd Madelung, An Ismaili Heresiography (Brill, 1998) and The Advent of the Fatimids: A Contemporary Shi’i Witness (I. B. Tauris in association with The Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2000). Most recently, Dr Walker is the recipient of the 2001 Guggenheim Fellowship to study the ImamCaliph al-Hakim.

Khalil Andani

Khalil Andani is a Ph.D candidate (ABD) and an SSHRC Doctoral Fellow (2014-2019) at Harvard University studying Muslim intellectual history with a focus on Islamic theology, philosophy, and mysticism. His dissertation in progress focuses on how Muslims understand the nature and revelation of the Qur’an, with special attention to the concepts of scripture (kitab), revelatory inspiration (wahy), and hermeneutics in the Qur’an, classical Sunni exegesis (tafsir), classical Sunni kalam theology, and Shi‘i Ismaili thought. His focus area in Ismaili thought is the theology and philosophy of Nasir-i Khusraw (d. ca. 1088). His personal website is khalilandani.com.

Khalil Andani’s publications include articles in the Oxford Journal of Islamic KhalilStudiesReligion CompassThe Oxford Handbook of Islamic Philosophy forthcoming chapters in A Guide to Sufi Literature and Global-Critical Philosophy of Religion, and two articles in Sacred Web. He has also taught several courses in Islamic studies and religious studies at Harvard as a Graduate Teaching Fellow. Khalil Andani’s published work is on the following academic platforms: Academia.edu Google Scholar Harvard Scholar ResearchGate PhilPapers Middle East Studies Assocation

Khalil Andani holds a Master of Theological Studies degree (2014), specializing in Islamic philosophy and Ismaili thought, from Harvard University. He is also a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA) and articled with KPMG Canada (2005-2011). Khalil Andani completed Bachelor of Mathematics (BMath) and Master of Accounting degrees at the University of Waterloo (2008).


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