Khalil Andani: Video- Ismailism as a Scholarly Category in Islamic Studies Shi’i Studies Symposium 2018 Chicago

The University of Chicago holds a Shi’i Studies Symposium each year focused on a topic. The 2018 Symposium was about Sectarianism. Khalil Andani presented a paper titled Ismailism: The Sectarian Construction of a Scholarly Category in Islamic Studies. The Video of his conference talk is below. Part of the paper will be published as a book chapter in an edited volume later next year.


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KhalilKhalil Andani is a Ph.D candidate (ABD) and an SSHRC Doctoral Fellow (2014-2019) at Harvard Universitystudying Muslim intellectual history with a focus on Islamic theology, philosophy, and mysticism. His dissertation in progress focuses on how Muslims understand the nature and revelation of the Qur’an, with special attention to the concepts of scripture (kitab), revelatory inspiration (wahy), and hermeneutics in the Qur’an, classical Sunni exegesis (tafsir), classical Sunni kalam theology, and Shi’i Ismaili thought. His focus area in Ismaili thought is the theology and philosophy of Nasir-i Khusraw (d. ca. 1088).

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