Harvard & IIS scholars present on Nizari Ismaili Thought at Iranian Studies Conference

The Association for Iranian Studies Conference taking place at UC Irvine on August 15, 2018 features the following:

Panel Title: Messianic Eschatology of Nizari Ismailis: Reassessment and Frameworks of Interaction
Convenor: Daryoush Mohammad Poor, Institute of Ismaili Studies
Chair: Elizabeth Alexandrin, University of Manitoba

Khalil Andani, Harvard University:
“Reconciling the Two Wisdoms (al-hikmatayn): The Source of Shahrastani’s Ismaili Teachings in Nasir-i Khusraw”

Daryoush Mohammad Poor, Institute of Ismaili Studies:
“Shahrastani’s Role in the Articulation of the Doctrine of Qiyamat among Nizari Ismailis”

Karim Javan, Institute of Ismaili Studies:
“Hasan ‘ala Dhikrihi al-Salam and His Proclamation of Resurrection”

Sayyed Jalal Hosseini Badakhchani, Institute of Ismaili Studies:
“Hasan-i Mahmud-i Katib and His Vision of the Preachings of the Resurrection”

Source: https://associationforiranianstudies.org/sites/default/files/ais-final-program.pdf

Author: ismailimail

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