Muslim-Christian Dialogue: Dr. Khalil Andani (@KhalilAndani) & Sir Anthony Buzzard

Dr. Khalil Andani held a respectful and illuminating interfaith dialogue with the famous Biblical Unitarian Christian theologian Sir Anthony F. Buzzard hosted by Restoration Fellowship.

The dialogue covered a number of key topics including the Plurality within Islam, Shia vs. Sunni Islam, Shia Ismaili Islam, Trinity, Monotheism, the Quran,  Unitarian views of Jesus and God, Jesus birth in Islam, God’s creation in six days, Quranic verses about warfare, taqiyya, afterlife, etc.

Sir Anthony Buzzard:

Sir Anthony Buzzard was born in Surrey, England and educated at Oxford University and later at Bethany Theological Seminary. He holds master’s degrees in theology and modern languages. He founded Restoration Fellowship in 1981, a non-trinitarian ministry dedicated to recovering the beliefs of the first-century disciples of Jesus such as: the Gospel as the message about the coming Kingdom of God on earth (Mar 1:14-15) and the creed of Jesus known as the Shema (Mar 12:29; cp. Deuteronomy 6:4).

Dr. Khalil Andani

Dr. Khalil Andani holds a Ph.D in Islamic Studies from Harvard University and is currently an Assistant Professor of Religion at Augustana College. Dr. Andani is currently writing his first book based on his dissertation, titled “Revelation in Islam: Qur’anic, Sunni, and Shi‘i Ismaili Perspectives,” which is a historical investigation of different Islamic theologies of Qur’anic revelation in the formative and classical periods of Islam, covering views in the Quran, Sunni theology, and Shi‘a Ismaili philosophy.

Dr. Andani’s research areas are Qur’anic studies, Islamic intellectual history, Shi‘i Islam, and Sufism. His academic articles have appeared several journals and volumesHe teaches college courses on Islamic history and thought, Islamic ethics, Christian-Muslim interactions, the study of religion, and comparative mysticism. Dr. Andani’s public and academic talks can be viewed on his YouTube channel.

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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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