Argentina eager to boost tourism – Story & Photographs by Sultan Jessa

Iguassu Falls in Argentina
Iguassu Falls in Argentina

The country has experienced boom and bust cycles in the past

Buenos Aires, ARGENTINA – Story & Photographs by Sultan Jessa: Often dubbed as the “Paris of South America,” this bustling city is a mosaic as varied and diverse as its culture. It is no doubt the cultural and artistic centre of South America.

Buenos Aires is reputed to be the most visited city in South America. The city’s neighbourhoods are small and highly individualized, each proudly displaying its own unique characteristics, colours and forms.

With its elegant architecture and a legendary nightlife, Buenos Aires is full of book stores, cafes and restaurants offering exquisite cuisine and fashionable boutique shops which cater for every taste.

Argentinians are fond of Pope Francis who is from Argentina
Argentinians are fond of Pope Francis who is from Argentina

According to the World Travel and Tourism Council, Buenos Aires is in the midst of a tourism boom.

Argentina’s Tourism Minister Carlos Enrique says his open is open for business, especially offers best investment opportunities in the growing tourism industry.

While Argentina’s infrastructure is undergoing a major overhaul, the major emphasis is on getting a fair slice of global tourism. Over the past decade, tourism has increased considerably. Last year, tourism in the country of 41 million people grew by roughly 10 per cent. A tourist guide told me numerous companies are coming to Argentina to take advantage of the rapidly growing tourism industry. Qatar Airways from the Emirates and also Turkish Airlines now have flights to and from Argentina.

Today, the majority of tourists coming to Argentina are from neighbouring Brazil and other South American countries like Chile and Paraguay. But, Argentina wants tourists from Europe, Canada, the United States as well as Asia and Africa. Meyer emphasizes the country is eager to develop a connection with India, China and the Arabian world.

Argentinas Waterfront
Argentina’s Waterfront

“This connection is important in order to increase the tourism industry in Argentina.”

In the past, Argentina has fallen prey to a boom and bust cycle. But, the country is gradually and painfully recovering from a military dictatorship, a lost war over the Falkland Islands and severe economic difficulties.

Argentina has 34 national parks and the government is sparing no efforts to promote these parks to visitors and tourists who prefer outdoor life. The latest push is evidenced by Aerolineas Argentinas, the country’s national airlines, adding international routes from the United States and Europe. Figures for 2013 and so far this year are hard to come by. But all indications are tourism is on the rise.

Argentina had 5.28 million international visitors in 2010, up from 4.3 million in 2009. Tango is the king in Argentina. The origins of tango are unclear. It is widely believed tango developed in the late 19th century in working class neighbourhood of Buenos Aires. Tourists are treated to tango shows at almost every corner of Buenos Aires. In many tango bars, it is common to smell cigar smoke.

Tango dancers perform during the 42k marathon in Buenos Aaires
Tango dancers perform during the 42k marathon in Buenos Aaires

The capital city is lined with glass sky scrapers. Obelisk is the main monument of Buenos Aires. Other areas to visit include the Colon Theatre, believed to be one of the best opera houses in the world. The Tigre Delta is not to be missed. The Tigre city is the cradle of the Argentines rowing tradition and one of the biggest deltas in the world.

Although soccer is played in the country, the more popular sports are rugby, field hockey, cricket and polo. Each year around October, Buenos Aires plays host to the famed 42K Marathon Adidas when all the major streets in the capital city are closed for hours. This is the first year; the marathon was won by an Argentinean. During the marathon, international competitors are treated to tango shows on the main route.

One place you must visit in the capital is the La Recoleta Cemetery. This cemetery contains the graves of notable people including Eva Peron, who was the First Lady of Argentina from 1946 to her death in 1952. She is also the founder of Eva Peron Foundation.

Argentina has a lot to offer to tourists. It has part of the Andes mountain range and a long inviting coastline. The Spanish­speaking country is also rich in resources and has a well educated workforce.


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