‘Aya Hai Bulawa Mujhe Darbare Nabi Se’| A Na’at tribute by Nazia Amin Mohammad

Nazia records a Na’at in praise of the holy Prophet (PBUH). Na’at, in Muslim tradition, is a way of giving tribute, a way of showing love and respect of Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H.) and recited to pay homage to the greatness, and humbleness of him.

About Nazia Amin Mohammad:


A Passionate Vocalist & Business Development Executive based in Dubai, Nazia Amin Mohammad hails from Karachi, Pakistan. She has recently won an international award as a ‘Middle East most Favorite Pakistani Singer 2016’  and has been appreciated by Media Including Gulf News as a ‘Peace Lover and Bridge Builder‘ specially between India and Pakistan.

Reach her on Twitter https://twitter.com/naziaaminmohd

and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/NazAminMohd/


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Author: Sujjawal Ahmad

Sujjawal is a Pakistan based writer. He did his Masters degree in Molecular Biology from Quaid-i Azam University Pakistan. He writes on philosophical traditions of the world religions, more specifically on Ismaili Philosophy and Theology. Contact via email: sujjawalahmad@aol.com

3 thoughts

  1. Mash’Allah!
    Wonderful! Very melodious voice and very well sung with heart beating attraction. Allah bless you my dear spiritual nightingale.


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