@AgaKhanMuseum: New Episode of “This Being Human” Features Salim-Sulaiman | @salim_merchant @Sulaiman

“…Music is about people and it’s not just me and Sulaiman, but then when more other musicians come in and join us whether it’s on stage or whether it’s in the recording, there’s more life, there’s more soul, there’s more love. And that’s what keeps the music alive,” says Salim Merchant.

#Schools2030: “How Human-Centred Design (HCD) can help achieve SDG4 – the launch of the Schools2030 HCD Toolkit” | @AKF_Global

Schools2030 is supported by a visionary and historic consortium of nine philanthropic partners, including the Aga Khan Foundation, that bring their collective technical expertise and financial resources together to promote and scale effective innovations for improving holistic learning outcomes.

Khayrkhwah-i Harati: The Epistle (Risala) | Professor Shafique Virani (@ShafiqueVirani)

Professor Shafique Virani is an award-winning author and internationally recognized public speaker who has addressed people from over 50 countries and audiences of over 15,000. Describing him as “a visionary,” the United Nations honored him for dedicating his efforts “to the cause of extending the frontiers of knowledge and the welfare of humankind.”