From Karachi to Kerala through Dubai: The Gulf News admires Nazia Amin Mohammad

1677565394Today, the 29-year-old is a social media star breaking boundaries and connecting people from across the borders of her hometown Karachi and south Indian state of Kerala.

Currently working as a business development manager in a calibration company, Nazia hopes to make it big in playback singing one day.

“I wanted to become a playback singer from my childhood. I never had any good opportunity in Pakistan. It was difficult for me to go for programmes in the evenings. It was only after coming over to Dubai that I started doing shows,” says Nazia who has so far sung in 22 languages.

Singing in different languages is apparently not a big deal for her. “Since my mother has roots in Gujarat, I knew Gujarati and Kutchi. My father was born in Tanzania. So I know Swahili from there. I have already sung in 22 languages and I am trying Marathi and Bengali now for my Indian friends.” Nazia, who did not get any formal training to become singer, also promises to learn the meanings of the songs in Indian languages before trying them. “Honestly, I didn’t know the meaning of the first two Malayalam songs. The tune was so good… I sang it from my heart. But seeing the response from people appreciating the feel I gave to the songs, I decided to Google the lyrics and find out the meaning before singing the Tamil song ‘Munbe Vaa’ that is also a hit now. I will surely do it for my future songs.”




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