An Odyssey of Mystical Hymns: The Call of Pir Shams Sabzwari | By Sujjawal Ahmad

As a prominent figure of Ismaili mission in Indo-Pak continent which was initiated by his forerunner Pir Satgur Noor, whose teachings had already swept through the region a few centuries before, Pir Shams Sabzwari appears to have provided an enormous contribution to the spread of Islam in this piece of continent. He appears to have played a seminal role in the establishment of Isma’llism, particularly, in Sindh. A glimpse of his missionary activities survive today in his own vernacular religious literature in the form of Ginans, Garbis and Granths. Volumes of his works have been preserved till today by his devoted proselytes and passed on from generation to generation either verbally or in the form of manuscripts. Infact, these writings are the major source which provide us with his story, his birthplace, the places he had visited, and finally the relics and accounts of his remarkable achievements.