Alyssa Jetha: Ismaili photographer in Montreal is making waves with her clicks!

Ismaili photographer in Montreal is making waves with her clicks!

“There is no shortage of inspiration in the city” – Alyssa Jetha


Montreal: Quebec – What started as a hobby soon turned out to be a full-time job for a talented Montreal photographer.

Alyssa Jetha: Ismaili photographer in Montreal is making waves with her clicks!Alyssa Jetha, daughter of Iqbal and Nimet Jetha, works as a community manager for CrownRing, a bridal house which manufactures wedding bands and engagement rings.

Her responsibilities include managing social media presence and content creation for the company.

Jetha specializes in taking creative photographs of rings.

She graduated in BA from Concordia University in Montreal in 2015, specializing in sociology.

Iqbal and Nimet JethaAnd after obtaining a certificate in digital marketing from La Salle College, Jetha initially did some freelancing in graphic design but soon landed a job with CrownRing.

This company, headquartered in Montreal, started in 1999 and now sells its products across Canada and the United States of America.

“I thoroughly enjoy my job.”

Alyssa Jetha: Ismaili photographer in Montreal is making waves with her clicks!Jetha started taking photographs of flowers in their garden and of jewellery in her mom’s Bijouterie Elysee.

She loves taking photographs on her travels, particularly landscapes, portraits and architectural monuments.

“I love what I do. I find sky is the limit.”

Santorini, GreeceA photograph she took in Jasper, Alberta, was chosen by Allison Robin Smith, a Canadian artist and illustrator, for her Canada East to West initiative.

This project celebrates Canadian landscaping for Canada 150 celebrations.

The canvas celebrates Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories.

MyanmarJetha was quick to respond to Smith’s request to amateur and professional photographers to share their photos in the Canadian landscape project.

Smith received more than 300 photos from across the country.

The best 13 photographs were selected by the general public on line. The voting process took nearly two months.

MyanmarThe opening exhibition was held in Hudson, QC,

Smith will be donating 50 per cent of the proceeds from the original art work to charity.

Some of the proceeds will go to the winning photographers.

Art prints and postcards of the entire series of 13 paintings will be available for purchase both online and at exhibitions.

Myanmar“I am very proud of this,” said Jetha. “This is quite an honor.”

Jetha said the main purpose of the canvas is to celebrate Canada and to connect Canadians from coast to coast.


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Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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