Victory Square founder Shafin Tejani receives Person of the Year Award – Pledges to donate $1 million, to be distributed to four charities

The BC Tech Association’s Technology Impact Awards (TIAs) celebrated the province’s leading technology companies at the Vancouver Convention Centre. Winners included STEMCELL Technologies for Company of the Year, Victory Square founder Shafin Tejani for Person of the Year, and Dr. Alan Winter for the Bill Thompson Lifetime Achievement Award.

president-and-ceo-of-bc-tech-bill-tam-768x512[…] Tejani, the Person of the Year award recipient, was represented at the gala by Victory Square board member Howard Blank, who explained on Tejani’s behalf how important Canada and the idea of giving back is to recipient’s success.

Tejani’s parents escaped the military coup in Uganda in the 1970s, and “Canada opened up its door to him and his family, and gave him the opportunity to grow up with a stable government in a safe home, and access a good education and universal health care, and a chance to realize his dreams,” Blank said.

Blank went on to announce that over the next 30 days, in the spirit of philanthropy, Tejani pledges to match donations up to a total of $1 million to be distributed to four charities in BC: Variety BC, Variety BC’s Kids Can campaign to support children with special needs, Simon Fraser University’s Faculty of Applied Science’s girls’ tech camp, and KidSafe.

Read more at Betakit – Dated: JUNE 23, 2017

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