Call for Papers: Shi’i Studies Group Symposium | The University of Chicago

Call for Papers: Shi'i Studies Group Symposium | The University of ChicagoCall for Papers (CFP): “Shiʿism and Governance”
Abstract submission deadline: February 24th, 2017
Symposium Date: May 12-13, 2017

Call for Papers: Shi'i Studies Group Symposium | The University of ChicagoThe relationship between Shiʿism and governance—whether through doctrinal beliefs, political movements and ideologies, or practical exigencies—constitutes a highly relevant area of study within Islamic history and modern life. From the earliest disagreements over the succession to the Prophet Muhammad to current debates over Islamism and the modern state, various thinkers and movements within Shiʿism formulated original and innovative answers to the question of how Shiʿi communities should approach governance, politics, and communal relations in the larger societies within which they lived.

Call for Papers: Shi'i Studies Group Symposium | The University of ChicagoGiven its historic minority status, how have Shiʿis theorized their position vis-à-vis caliphates they intrinsically rejected? How have Shiʿis legitimized or contested the rhetoric and practice of Shiʿi dynasties and governments once they came into power? How can we theorize Shiʿi pre-modern and modern notions of “governance” and the “political,” and is this a useful metric for understanding the relationship between Shiʿism and power? Finally, how have other schools of thought approached and responded to Shiʿi notions of governance or politics? We welcome contributions from scholars and graduate students working on these questions from any relevant scholarly perspective, including social, intellectual and political history, anthropology, sociology, political science, area studies, literature, and religious studies.

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