iBand Salgirah 2016 Instrumental Geet – Worldwide Collaboration of Ismaili Artists

First-ever collaboration of Ismaili artists and musicians from across the world.

iBand most graciously presents the second in a series of Ismaili geets leading up to the countdown of the joyous occasion of Mowlana Hazar Imam’s Diamond Jubilee – 2017.

This soulful instrumental geet has been presented by professional musicians from Pakistan and United Kingdom in collaboration with iBand in Canada.


Salgirah Mubarak to all Ismailis around the world! – Rahim (Ricky) Meghani & Team

Toronto, Canada: Rahim Meghani (Keyboardist), Suleman Lalani (Bass Guitarist)
Karachi, Pakistan: Raheel Lakhani & Alishan Lakhani (Drumist & Percussionist)
London, UK: Rahil Virrani (Vocal), Asif Virani (Lead Guitarist), Durri Zahir (Rubab), Gianni Barros (Melodica), Konstantinos Glynos (Qanun)




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