Ammar Inayatali: Being the change we want to see

Ammar Inayatali: Being the change we want to seeAs a child, Ammar Inayatali grew up in a family where helping others in the community was extremely important and part of their daily lives. He tagged along with his father as he went fundraising door-to-door in their Ontario community, educating others about the Aga Khan Foundation and the charity’s work “to sustainably improve the quality of life of poor, marginalized communities in Asia and Africa.”

When he was thirteen, Ammar had a revelatory moment as he watched news about the Haiti earthquake. He realized that there were people in need and that he had the ability to provide a sense of hope and relief. The charitable activities in his childhood suddenly took on new meaning. This new awareness allowed Ammar to embody his values and become an active part of the change he wanted to see.

Fast forward to the present—about four years and hundreds of volunteer hours later—when Ammar’s outstanding community work has now been recognized by the United Way of Greater Victoria.

Click here to read more Being the Change We Want to See | Student Story | Glenlyon Norfolk School.

Author: ismailimail

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