Calgary’s Ismaili community came together to support victims of domestic violence

 Radana Williams  Global News

Calgary’s [Canada] Ismaili community [stepped up] to help women and children fleeing from domestic violence.

For [the month of November], Ismaili: CIVIC [collected] donations of toys and essential items for various shelters in recognition of Family Violence Prevention Month. On Friday [December 3], the group got together with members of the Calgary police diversity and domestic violence units to sort through what [had been] been collected.

Volunteers sort through donations to support women and children fleeing domestic violence Dec. 3, 2021. Global News

Calgary police respond to approximately 30,000 domestic violence calls every year and shelter space and a need for resources is growing. The pandemic has brought that need into the spotlight.

“Dynamics for families and individuals have changed with the reduction in movement, reduction in ability to socialize,” said Sgt. Garry Woods. “There’s an increase in use of substances whether that’s alcohol or drugs, and I think all those things… certainly it’s going to impact the mental health of people as well, so all those factors will contribute to not only domestic violence but other crimes as well.”

Volunteer Aleesha Daya said the outpouring of support has been incredible.

“I’m actually in awe that, in this pandemic we have actually donated so many items and we have helped so many people and we are all one humanity and we need to, in the future, remember that.”

The donations will be distributed to shelters across the province.
Source: Global News

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