Why Philosophy is Important

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Why Philosophy is ImportantMost people, when hearing the word philosophy, think of a highly abstract and purely theoretical body of ideas that have little or no impact upon their everyday lives. This may be true of the academic study of philosophy in some universities, but philosophy itself is embedded in all human activity – most people are simply unaware of it. Philosophy is ultimately about what is true, what is real, and what is good. It is philosophy that offers one an overarching framework to interpret and manage the other realms of human endeavor. Every person actually has a philosophy which is tacit and implicit in their entire way of living.

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One thought

  1. the very fact that once one starts thinking about ALLAH and HIS creations leads you into the deepest depth of philosophy and it is just like a black hole, one is pulled deeper and deeper and then you come up with more unresoved and perplexong questions and the whole universe then becomese your playground,it is very very entertainig and joyful.


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