Funkaar Junction – An Event by Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board for Pakistan

Funkaar Junction - An Event by Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board for PakistanBy, Zahra Parpya

It was 12th September’s evening at the Arts Council Karachi…As I sat on my seat waiting for the Funkaar Junction’s Grand Finale to begin; I felt a sudden surge of adrenaline approaching my epidermis. I wondered why that was happening to me. It was so unexpected since I was just a part of the cheering audience. With photographers all around setting their camera lenses, I could feel the flickering flash of light everywhere; it felt more like attending a Grand Showbiz event! Searching for my adrenaline evidence, I looked around with curiosity at the upside audience, downside, sideways and just everywhere. I was still clueless. Soon, it was the time for the first play to begin…Curtains lifted, lights dimmed, and it was all dark and cold. Actors started to play their roles and with each play the adrenaline paced up in my body. The third play was announced, “Akber-e-azam meets Shakespeare” and THERE IT WAS! THE EVIDENCE for my adrenaline gush! My very own Tlers were there on the stage! Tlers belong to Darkhana Teens’ League comprising of a team of Counselors who aspire to inspire teens and to drive their energies into a constructive driving force.

Click here to read: Funkaar Junction – Project of AKYSBP (document opens in Microsoft Word)

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