Terraced Fields of Hunza Valley

Wonderful collection of excellent pictures.


Author: ismailimail

Independent, civil society media featuring Ismaili Muslim community, inter and intra faith endeavors, achievements and humanitarian works.

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  1. These are magnificent pictures indeed and they remind me of the following quotes and excerpts:

    “……The Quran tells us that signs of Allah’s Sovereignty are found in the contemplation of His Creation – in the heavens and the earth, the night and the day, the clouds and the seas, the winds and the waters….”(Aga Khan IV, Kampala, Uganda, August 22 2007)

    “The Quran very often refers to nature as a reflection of Allah’s power of creation and says: Look at the mountains, look at the rivers, look at the trees, look at the flowers all as evidence of Allah’s love for the people whom He has created. Today I look at this environment and I say that I beleive that Allah is smiling upon you, may His smile always be upon you”(Aga Khan IV, Khorog, Tajikistan, May 27th 1995)

    “Muslims believe in an all-encompassing unit of man and nature. To them there is no fundamental division between the spiritual and the material while the whole world, whether it be the earth, sea or air, or the living creatures that inhabit them, is an expression of God’s creation.”(Aga Khan IV, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Virginia, USA, 13 April 1984)

    “Islamic doctrine goes further than the other great religions, for it proclaims the presence of the soul, perhaps minute but nevertheless existing in an embryonic state, in all existence in matter, in animals, trees, and space itself. Every individual, every molecule, every atom has its own spiritual relationship with the All-Powerful Soul of God”(Memoirs of Aga Khan III, 1954)

    “Islam is fundamentally in its very nature a natural religion. Throughout the Quran God’s signs (Ayats) are referred to as the natural phenomenon, the law and order of the universe, the exactitudes and consequences of the relations between natural phenomenon in cause and effect. Over and over, the stars, sun, moon, earthquakes, fruits of the earth and trees are mentioned as the signs of divine power, divine law and divine order. Even in the Ayeh of Noor, divine is referred to as the natural phenomenon of light and even references are made to the fruit of the earth”(Aga Khan III, April 4th 1952, Karachi, Pakistan)

    “In fact this world is a book in which you see inscribed the writings of God the Almighty”(Nasir Khusraw, 11th century Ismaili cosmologist-philosopher-poet)

    “One hour of contemplation on the works of the Creator is better than a thousand hours of prayer”(Prophet Muhammad, circa 632CE)



  2. Zikar
    By Dr. Karim Nooruddin Ramzan.
    Look behind those closed eyes
    See beyond that somber face
    Feel the warmth in each breath
    Look at the body sitting up straight

    Rolling of tasbih between the fingers
    Quivering lips, reciting the names
    Bead after bead, again and again
    Completing the loop, repeating again

    How often do I wonder that everything in nature
    Moves in a circle, repeating again
    The breaths that we take, 15 every minute
    The beats of our heart drumming away
    Circulating blood flows organ to organ
    Repeating its course and circuit again
    The movement of limbs forwards and back
    Carrying all humans and animals on track

    How often do I wonder, how seasons change
    Coverings of snow over mountains and plains
    Arrival of spring, heralds colorful terrain
    Scalding summer heat, cooled with torrential rains

    How often do I wonder, when I look at the sky
    A fully lit moon, becoming a faded smile
    In a span of fortnight, it loses its shine
    Emerging as crescent, a new moon each time
    Sunrise in morning which brightens the day
    As night encroaches, eats day light away
    This tussle goes on, as the years pass by
    The light will not win as the dark will not die

    How often do I wonder, when I recall the past
    The circling blinded ox, grinding seeds so fast
    Spinning the wheel and churning the oil
    Feeding the hungry with its hard labor n’ toil
    In the lush green gardens with flowers abound
    Flapping their wings, come humming birds around
    Each flap repeated, to suspend them in air
    Suckling of the nectar, from petals with care
    The fragrance emits and merges with breeze
    The rustling of leaves, sieves through the leaves
    In the drizzle of morning, as droplets descend
    They follow each other to create what is rain
    Pouring down from clouds, as a heavenly shower
    They rose from the water with vaporizing power
    Be those birds or flowers or trees or rain
    Each creates a motion and repeats again

    How often do I wonder, when lost alone in thoughts?
    The creations of Allah from stars to moths
    Each repeating its action in its own formation
    From atomic gyration to volcanic vibration
    From musical percussion to stellar revolution
    From mystics intoxication to momins meditation
    From the tidal oscillation to the blood circulation
    Every particulate matter, single or in collection
    Is engrossed in Zikar, repeating away
    Allah-o-Akbar, Allah-o-Akbar
    Allah-o-Akbar in its own unique way.


  3. My birth-place, sisooni (now Husaini), of Gojal, Hunza where Pir Sabz Aly (d.1936) stayed for one day, July 1923, en route to CA visit (10 month from Bombay to Bombay) ,on the approval of Imam SMS (AS), via the Mintika Pass .


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